Home Trees Given a binary tree, construct its mirror tree.

Given a binary tree, construct its mirror tree.

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Question: Given a binary tree, find its mirror tree.

Input: A tree pointer is given. (Root pointer)
Output: Pointer of mirrored tree.

We can easily get the mirrored tree by a simple recursive algorithm. We traverse the tree and swap the left and right pointers.


struct binaryTreeNode{
	int data;
	struct binaryTreeNode * left;
	struct binaryTreeNode * right;

struct binaryTreeNode * mirrorOfBinaryTree(struct binaryTreeNode * root)
	struct binaryTreeNode * temp;
		mirrorOfBinaryTree(root -> left);
		mirrorOfBinaryTree(root -> right);
		// Swap the pointers in this node
		temp = root -> left;
		root -> left = root -> right;
		root -> right = temp;
	return root;

Time Complexity:- O(n)
Space Complexity:- O(n) (due to recursive stack)

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