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Algorithms involving recursion

Given a binary tree, construct its mirror tree.

Question: Given a binary tree, find its mirror tree. Input: A tree pointer is given. (Root pointer) Output: Pointer of mirrored tree. We can easily get the mirrored tree by a simple recursive algorithm. We traverse the tree and swap the left and right pointers. Time Complexity:- O(n) Space Complexity:- O(n) (due to recursive stack)

Find the maximum element in a binary tree

Question: Given the root pointer to a binary tree, find the maximum element present in it. Input: Sample Tree (Pointer to node 1 is given) Output: Maximum = 9 One simple way of solving this problem is to find the maximum element in the left sub-tree, find maximum in the right sub-tree, compare it with the root data… Read More »

PostOrder Traversal in a binary tree

We discussed about the basic tree traversals in this post – Binary Tree Traversals Lets take our own sample tree for understanding post-order traversal. In Post-Order traversal, the root is visited after both sub-trees are completed. Post-order traversal is defined as follows:- Traverse the left sub-tree in post-order. (Step 1) Traverse the right sub-tree in post-order. (Step 2)… Read More »