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Find two elements in an array such that their sum equals ‘K’. (Method 2)

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Question: Given an array of n elements. Find two elements such that their sum is equal to a given element ‘K’ ?

Input: arr [] = {42, 23, 15, 16, 8, 4} and element K = 58
Output: 16, 42

We discussed the approach to this problem using 2 loops in this post. But obviously this was not a good approach as it had a time complexity of O(n2). The time taken to solve such a problem if the array has elements in range of million will be very high. We need to optimize this approach.

The steps involved in this algorithm will be:-

  • Sort the array. This operation takes a time of O(nlog(n))
  • Now maintain a variable lowIndex = 0 and highIndex = size-1.
  • Compute sum = arr[lowIndex] + arr[highIndex].
  • If (sum == K), then simply return the two variable.
  • If (sum < K), that means we need to add a bigger element to the sum, which can be obtained if we increment lowIndex, so
  • If (sum>K), that means we need to add a smaller number, the smaller number can be found if we decrement highIndex, so
  • We can repeat this process until we find the two digits. Else we return that no elements are found.

Here is an implementation of the above algorithm.

void twoElementsSumK(int arr[], int size, int K)
	//first sort the array

	//maintain the low and high index
	int lowIndex = 0;
	int highIndex = size-1;

	while(lowIndex < highIndex)
		//get the sum
		int temp = arr[lowIndex] + arr[highIndex];

		//return if we find a match
		if(temp == K)
			printf("The elements are :- %d %d",arr[lowIndex],arr[highIndex]);

		//to change the low and high index
		if(temp < K)

Time Complexity:- O(nlog(n))
Space Complexity:- O(1)

You can download the working example of code from here. Use your favorite text editor to open it (Notepad++, vim, gedit)


Method 3 – Use a hash table

We can also solve this problem using a hash table. Since out objective is to find two indexes of the array whose sum is K. Let us say those indexes are X and Y. That means arr[X] + arr[Y] = K.

What we need is, for each element of the input array arr[X], check whether K – arr[X] also exists in the input array. Now, let us simplify that searching with a hash table.


  • For each element of the input array, insert into the hash table. Let us say the current element is arr[X].
  • Before proceeding to the next element we check whether K – arr[X] also exists in the hash table or not.
  • Existence of such number indicates that we are able to find the indexes.
  • Otherwise, proceed to the next input element.

Time Complexity:- O(n), considering the fact that searching in hash table takes time O(1).
Space Complexity:- O(n), to create and maintain the hash table.

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